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Incorporated in 1969, Sports Toto Malaysia Sdn Bhd was originally under the government of Malaysia. The company then move on with its privatization plans in 1985 which saw them no longer being a state-owned gaming company. It has since become a subsidiary of Berjaya Sports Toto Berhad. Owned by the conglomerate of Berjaya Group which is in other businesses like real estate, aviation and food and beverages, Berjaya Sports Toto too is a company listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange housing the office at Berjaya Times Square.

Over the years, Sports Toto has emerged as one of the major gaming enterprises in Malaysia, offering more than other operators like Magnum 4d and DaMaCai. Sports Toto has more than 680 outlets throughout the country. Apart from the digit betting games like 4D, 5D and 6D it is also the only company that offers lotto games. This come in the likes of Toto 6/42 Jackpot, Super Toto 6/49 and Mega Toto 6/52, which is not provided for by any other operators.

To play any of the 6 games available from Sports Toto, one would only need to walk into any of the outlets, choose the game, pick the numbers and place a minimum of RM1 bet. Should the numbers picked gets drawn on the day, winnings can be made at the main office or through the outlets for smaller amounts.

The company has since donated much of their profit towards the development of the Malaysian youth and cultural activities. In the sports arena, Sports Toto too have made contributions in terms of sponsorships to ensure the promotions and development of this sector. One can usually spot the company sponsoring other events like concerts and theatre shows as well, all in the goodwill of contributing to the cultural industry. On top of that, Sports Toto too have been contributing to charity organizations, non-profit organizations as well as providing aide for those in need.

The company’s mascot is that of a ‘Toto Bird’ which is designed after a parakeet. The caricatured image is used for its association to fortune telling as birds are often perceived to bring good luck which makes it an appropriate mascot. Their corporate motto is ‘Go For It’, one that is used on its logo, signages and every other avenue associated with Sports Toto.


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